[Florida Code Talk] Re-Roofing Requirements under the FBC
Eric Haefli eric.haefli.bqed at
Tue Sep 12 09:10:36 EDT 2006

What does the latest FBC require (if at all), regarding re-roofs on
asphalt shingle roofs on single family homes?
1) Are overlays allowed by the FBC?  According to the 2001 FBC, Section
1510.3, Item 6, it appears that one overlay is acceptable, as long as
other conditions in Section 1510.3 do not exist.  Am I reading that
correctly?  And if so, have any shingles been wind tested as an overlay?
Does that mean an ASTM D3161 (modified to 110-mph) asphalt shingle roof
covering can be installed over an existing asphalt shingle roof covering
that has not been tested to 110-mph?
2) Is it required by the FBC to use asphalt shingles that meet ASTM
D3161 (modified to 110-mph) on a re-roof of a single family home?
According to the 2001 FBC, Section 1510.1, it appears that asphalt
shingles would have to meet ASTM D3161 on a re-roof.  Am I reading that
Eric Haefli
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